Japanese Political Economy Revisited: Abenomics and Institutional Change



Japan Forum
Volume 29, 2017 – Issue 3





Japanese political economy revisited: diverse corporate change, institutional transformation, and Abenomics
David Chiavacci & Sébastien Lechevalier
Pages: 299-311

Change and continuity in Japanese corporate reform
Mitsuharu Miyamoto
Pages: 312-337

Shareholding characteristics and imperfect coverage of the Stewardship Code in Japan
Ryohei Nakagawa
Pages: 338-353

‘Growth oriented’ corporate governance reform – can it solve Japan’s performance puzzle?
Franz Waldenberger
Pages: 354-374

The Japanese consumer finance market and its institutional changes since the 1980s
Adrienne Sala
Pages: 375-398

Re-packaging old policies? ‘Abenomics’ and the lack of an alternative growth model for Japan’s political economy
Saori Shibata
Pages: 399-422

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