The consortium brings together the high quality academic expertise, the range of academic competencies and the management experience necessary to deliver the objectives of the INCAS project. The INCAS programme will significantly enhance the collaboration between the public and the private sector through a series of co-organized networking activities and individual research projects jointly facilitated by public research institutions, commercial enterprises and non-profit organisations.

Through the active involvement of all partner institutions the INCAS programme shall not only provide participating junior researchers with a wide range of methodological and technical skills required in the field of “corporate finance and governance” necessary for a career in research or academic teaching, but also with specific knowledge of the situation in East Asia and Japan as well as with skills in writing policy papers, which are necessary for careers in the private sector.

The secondments, particularly for young scholars, consist in complementary skills training for e.g. research presentations to various kinds of audiences (specialists, general scientific audiences, general public), research management, use of information technology, writing of grant proposals, science promotion, acquisition of entrepreneurial and non-academic management skills, general communication and teaching skills. In this respect, INCAS will contribute to increase the awareness and the competence of young scholars concerning state-of-the-art methods and best practices in economics (particularly in corporate finance and labor economics) and in political economy and economic history. At the same time, through parallel secondments, the consortium will train and develop an international cohort of young scholars and business practitioners engaged in research on institutional diversity and change at the firm level, thus contributing to and building the foundations for future research cooperation between British, French, German and Japanese researchers and firm representatives.

Presentation of our teams:

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