Waseda University Team Lead of the Work Package 3 "Building a database of corporate characteristics in Asia (employment and finance)"

Hideaki Miyajima

Hideaki Miyajima, Professor

Topics: Japanese Economy, Economic History of Japan, Corporate Finance, Corporate Governance, Comparative Financial Systems

Email: miyajima@waseda.jp

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Shinichi Hirota

Shinichi Hirota, Professor, Faculty of Commerce

Topics: Japanese Economy, Financial theory, Finance

Email: shirota@waseda.jp

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Katsuyuki Kubo

Katsuyuki Kubo, Professor, Faculty of Commerce

Topics: Applied economics, researches in the area of compensation and incentive strategy, corporate governance, corporate finance and industrial relations

Email: kkubo@waseda.jp

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Yoshiaki Ogura

Yoshiaki Ogura, Professor, Faculty of Political Science and Economics

Topics: Banking, Corporate Finance

Email: yogura@waseda.jp

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Kazunori Suzuki

Kazunori Suzuki, Professor, Faculty of Commerce

Topics: Financial theory, Finance

Email: ksuzuki@waseda.jp

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