A comparison with Europe

WP5 aims at applying the theoretical framework elaborated as WP2 to data gathered by the French team within the project DEFIH and to systematically compare the results for France and other European Countries (UK, Germany, Italy) to those obtained in WP4 for Asia on the relations between liberalization and evolution of corporate diversity. This quantitative approach will be complemented by more qualitative approaches allowing us tracking the period of liberalization and their determinants from historical and political economy perspectives.

A second objective of WP5 is training as it will include a knowledge transfer among the partners, especially, those in charge of WP2 (theoretical framework), those in charge of WP3 (Asian dataset build in comparative perspective with what has been achieved for France by the team D-FIH), and those in charge of WP4 (application to Asia) in order to identify the commonalities and the differences between Asian and Europe

Finally, as WP5 is essentially an application of our theoretical effort (WP2) to a concrete question, our goal is also to disseminate our research to policy making, business and civil society circles in order to discuss its implications.

Leading team: EHESS

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